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I leave it. :3

2017-04-24 09:02:41 by SapkyRides

Okay soo Dasker did an news post yesterday.

And i reacted well kinda normal to that because i dunno if it is ´trap´ or serious.

But i will leave this ¨drama¨ closed and tell the truth: Okay so one month later i was in voice channel with: Dasker,SM28,Creeper and i think Spots. I was saying something but no one responed even i repeated it (ignoring) and we were sending some gifs in the media chatroom. Creeper in on of MY gifs telled with alphabet reactions: BYE CUNT. Which was pretty unfunny for me and i for minute leaved the voice channel. When i came back Creeper said to me: When i said BYE CUNT then leave, you dumbass! This was pretty uncomfortable but i was not saying anything vulgar to him. One day Dasker said to me: Shut the fuck up, for no reason (only for the reason being funny, but that was not funny at all) And 21.4 i was in voice channel and Dasker was saying that i must leave the madness community and that i´m disgrace for the community. That day i leaved the server.

Reason for PMing? : @MatelOl did some news post with problem with animation and Creeper said: Who the fuck cares? There is an link:

I was saying that he is pretty rude, Then he responded: Keep quiet or i'll turn into daska.

Well thats the reason for PMing and i hate when someone says shit about animators!

Yesterday: Janer, Me, ScorpionCz, Matej (Eliter), JohnyPixel, Agmon and Endik55. Were livestreming for MadCzech, Dasker was there too and he said that he wants to enjoy the animation who Janer was animating and don´t babbling for that ¨drama¨. Well i didn´t have problem, but two hours later Creeper came and he said that im idiot and he was annoying me with those comments, Well i said: I leaved you so please shut up. Well Dasker helped him in the moment. Me and Mike were planning revenge and it was succesfull, Mike was as @Madnesswolf (sorry man we wanted to disguise) and builded up an file with print scare. Mike was confirmed by: Zmatrix & Swf (Thats why i keep saying that moderators in GPS server are for nothing (nooffense). In the chat was cheated: ViRi (wow you need to watch out that was not planned for you) SentryTurbo (for 2nd time) Dasker and Zmatrix (also not planned)


(Dasker you can send me an print scare too :D)

There are scrennshots of that:





Ok well i think that was our last attack, And we apologize to: ViRidian,Zmatrix,Swf,Madnesswolf and SM28

For now i will ignore any shit that you´re commenting about me and yea thats pretty much it!

BONUS SCREENSHOT:6000887_149303890023_Screenshot_194.png



Stinky person -_- Wow im impressed GP

Oh i forgot! :D (He is 13)

2017-04-23 07:07:54 by SapkyRides

There u have it :P

Operation: Breakthrough

2017-04-23 02:20:03 by SapkyRides

Welp i think the ¨war¨ with me and Dasker is over! :D

But there is something too! And most of people know that. The incident with Djjaner and Kelzad.

Welp i´m on Janer´s side! Need to help and stop muggling about Kelzad, its like 50/50 so it will be interesting! :D

Our side: Me, Janer, Endik55, MadCzech, Leviathan (not sure about DaKe cuz he betrayed us too), SM28, rozum, Coft (maybeh), ArnuroMingon999, VladClown, Madness-boy, Roken20, PaintUser, Secret person, and few more.

GP side: Kelzad, AntiMethy XD, Dasker´s 4chan, mrSpringy (Bro why?), Januxe, ShootDaCheese,GuapariBuzios (Creates only 0,5% of the group :D) And yeh all in that cancer discord server.


Vote for our side: #djjanerforever

Or GP side: #kelzadistrueleader

Damn this will be fun! :D @0Rockluki0 XD


This inspired me:

Sub to these good guys!



2017-04-22 08:12:28 by SapkyRides

Tried to comment da shitpost u made Dask


I dont care that im anonymous because lot of people knows who that guy is! :D Im in good mood you know? There is no 43 fan army there is alot more! And i said that its not drama only an serious bussines, all these screenshots are real, but i´m not scared almost of everything on internet.
Well and ye these slavics (that word) you said are pricks. In voice channel. XD soo well. Your so ´´funny´´ really im tired of this shit going on, all days, but there is something... And the rule 9 or whatever was accident that i broke so you were acting like: Its your fault! I hate these kind of people and i never give up. Sentry is almost old as me and he is acting like that too. Im just excited your reactions in the future you doofusses! :D That chat from skype was me and Mike. Mike first me second.


You just blocked me and???? @DaskerKS @Spots @Kreepah @SentryTurbo fokin 4chan group

Just deal with it


When i was younger i wanted to make MC animations and i was dreaming about that everyday. I watched that everyday! IN 10.9 2016 my dream come true.

P.S. I love geography and it is true.


Everything you try to comment Dasker and your ´´friends´´ i will delete it

You asked for it...

2017-04-22 02:49:41 by SapkyRides

This is not an joke. This is serious.

@DaskerKS That fag just bullies me, Well.. Almost everyone on GP studios discord bullies me. And i must strike one day too. (Thanks for be an unfan)

One day will mc community change, i guess. As Djjaner said: GPS Is only an advertisment for Kelzad.

This is not an freaking drama! This is serious. As that Dasker and his ´´friends´´ Were calling us (Slavic people) an stupid people.

I hate that!

As i said one day will mc community change it will take an long time. But i think i should prepare yourself than be on discord.



2017-04-20 14:22:16 by SapkyRides

I guess i will finish that clip for collab :D 10days to deadline buut i think 70% done :D


44 fans! YAY! Thank you very much buddies!

And of course thanks to excellent guy! : @Dankon Who just gives motivation every time i saw his NG page :D Go follow him! :D



2017-04-12 10:27:26 by SapkyRides

Plans 2017:

Evolution Collab clip--60% done

Madness Leviathan test collab--new deadline 30.6. 2017

Madness Reversion 2--Deadline 11.9. 2017

Madness: Nobody likes christmas: (Spam) Release: 25.12. 2017--Planned 60%


Plans 2018:

Remake of Orange combat: January-September : planned 80%

Madness Immortality (REDUX)

Leviathan co-op movie: planned 15%

Music video: planned 30%

THE IRIDISCENT (MD18 Movie with storyline 10minutes long based on my multiple dreams) Needs voice actors and better sound effects: planned 40%

Joining few collabs

Plans 2019+ :

Cancertown (non madness movie, Inspired by TomSka´s asdfmovie) Random: Planned 25%

Madness Aggravation: Project H33ref0rd--MD19+ (Madness movie with storyline cca. 4mins. long) planned 25%

Madness collab: planned 10%

I think i expect too much but these are my plans actually :)

Have an nice day!



2017-04-11 08:58:58 by SapkyRides


Squasher :D

join pls

Posters! XD

2017-04-07 15:08:15 by SapkyRides

Here u have dis shit


Enjoy and give credits! :D

Reversion 2 collab -- REUPLOAD

2017-04-05 09:44:04 by SapkyRides


Deadline: 9.9 2017

Member closeline: 1.8. 2017

Do not send any sexual stuff. But you can do spam animations (if you know what that means dumbo)

Do not send any useless tests, this is gonna be on MD17

Do not send any clip that offends any: animator,actor etc.

Try to do an epic animation please :D

Don´t be selfcritic. I cannot hear that anymore

Use creativity on kills and movement i want to see something different :)

The member list is unlimited so it can be tons of collab members


-Idiot (me)

-Eliter (electronic - headphone)

-DjMety (Scorpiano)









-DoubleDenial (maybe)







-MLG SECRET *shhhh*




I think this is gonna be an epic collab! ;D



1. Kitty Song - Djjaner

2. AzeXiR - Titanium

3. Gujit - H3AD

4. JEBBAL - Dead Logic