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Naturalized EP is going to release this year!!

2017-11-21 12:31:16 by SapkyRides

Main track:


2017-11-20 12:20:05 by SapkyRides

i hate teletubbies okay NOW GO TO BED SUCCC!!


2017-11-14 10:12:31 by SapkyRides




2017-11-11 06:15:12 by SapkyRides

End of my carrier

2017-11-08 10:01:04 by SapkyRides

So yeah, as the title says. Im ending my animating carrier, and these are the problems:

- No inner motivation

- Lazyness

- Worsened style

- Reeeealy busy

- I was thinking lot of times that im ending

- Another hobby that is better for me than animations

Instead of animating i will compose music, even music for madness. Because im playing on piano more than five years, im creative for making music and im specialized to compose music in Cubase. The "Repulsed" Soundtrack was my officialy first music i made:

It doesnt mean im leaving the community, im just changing my style. But i will try to make sprites ;)

What about your planned projects? Well i will leave: Madness Classic and Zeophytes collab. The only interesting collabs i will participate are: MTC3 (SIMPLE) and Ryder Revenge collab. And what about Iridescent? Yea it is closed and i will not continue :(

Sorry for that, but i think it is better to continue like this 


Say something in the comments, i will appreciate that. And sorry for grammar problems.

New traxxx

2017-11-05 08:04:04 by SapkyRides

I was bored and i wanted to make sum shit and this happened only in 30 MINUTES!

my soundcloud! ;)

2017-11-04 05:28:52 by SapkyRides


Uploading musiq

Hellu guise, welcome to the very first news post of series called: THINKING OF

Today i will introduce my idea for new year madness project called: Of Luck!

Well i think i was a lil´ inspirated by Jsoulls Jailbreak, tbh lmao. It is kind of same thing, but it is generated randomly.

Lemme explain dis: 


This project will be an co-op generating random animators into groups of two people like in Jailbreak collab.

Mixed up, like in the Paradigmadness one random character will be used in two rooms that dies at the start of animation of the other group.

But this will be kind of Connect-it co-op like for example: MadHat Project between Djjaner and JohnyPixel




Frame space will be from 400 to 2500 generated randomly with Random number generator.




Groups will be generated randomly too! 

Select your answer to this idea please! ;)


2017-10-31 09:48:32 by SapkyRides


Playing Raze 2