Im literally pissed

2017-03-18 10:52:17 by SapkyRides

About since 1 month lot of FUCKING MADNESS DRAMA! came along Newgrounds

Lots of things happened to Madness NG scene like:


Steel Eagle was disbanded due to absolute nonsence and Team1 (kRyy,DaKedar and kirxeee) are againist Team2 (Rockluki and Star) So they are somewhat enemys. (Ye this was long time ago but still)

Kenamy (Kenamii,Kyrxis,Nhyrxis) Is an hacker but idk that it is true or joke. Kedar´s post:

Spread the tag #KenIsAnHacker if it is true


Delamortes is no longer active on NG


Edit: Ken is not hacking it is only an stupid joke -_- (I did not found that funny)


I hate that feeling that i must check to details every little piece of drama, but seriously? They are more dramas every year so stop acting like brats! (Not for everyone)




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2017-03-18 10:57:25

For Kenamy it's a joke.

SapkyRides responds:

:/ I cannot belive it


2017-03-18 10:57:32

more drama = mc community is not dead

SapkyRides responds:

i know


2017-03-18 12:00:19

Brand new Ng news

SapkyRides responds:

ye i know this is an sarcasm, but it is still drama that doesn´t belong to Madness Combat


2017-03-18 12:26:34

"Delamortes is not active on NG", well that's not new + he just said he wanted to have more personal time on steam.

SapkyRides responds:

I know dude but still it is 1 month


2017-03-18 13:17:38

you don't have to care about that lol

SapkyRides responds:

Yee i guess you´re right


2017-03-18 14:13:50

Kenamy is hacker, i had trojan. But otherwise he's OK.

SapkyRides responds:

Nebo si klikl na pop-up ad :D


2017-03-18 14:55:04

Boi oh boi are you pissed.... meh


2017-03-18 22:20:48

these arent even considered "drama" when compared to the ones that happened before

SapkyRides responds:

Hmmm idk but it is your opinion