2017-04-12 10:27:26 by SapkyRides

Plans 2017:

Evolution Collab clip--60% done

Madness Leviathan test collab--new deadline 30.6. 2017

Madness Reversion 2--Deadline 11.9. 2017

Madness: Nobody likes christmas: (Spam) Release: 25.12. 2017--Planned 60%


Plans 2018:

Remake of Orange combat: January-September : planned 80%

Madness Immortality (REDUX)

Leviathan co-op movie: planned 15%

Music video: planned 30%

THE IRIDISCENT (MD18 Movie with storyline 10minutes long based on my multiple dreams) Needs voice actors and better sound effects: planned 40%

Joining few collabs

Plans 2019+ :

Cancertown (non madness movie, Inspired by TomSka´s asdfmovie) Random: Planned 25%

Madness Aggravation: Project H33ref0rd--MD19+ (Madness movie with storyline cca. 4mins. long) planned 25%

Madness collab: planned 10%

I think i expect too much but these are my plans actually :)

Have an nice day!



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2017-04-12 11:21:42

at first you have to improve, or all your submissions will be rated 2 or 3 stars

SapkyRides responds:

i know dude :D Do not say that anymore :D


2017-04-20 08:42:00

i'm have alreadey made 3 clips for the evolution collab and sent them to matelol. But i really can't wait to see yours beacause you are a good animator :)

SapkyRides responds:

Thank you


2017-04-20 12:01:01

you shouldn't have all of this plan of all that future even if you haven't improved in animation yet. You're trying to organize, 2 COLLABS? WTF IS THIS. You didn't even tried to make a decent animated clip and you're organizing 2 collabs (which I predict that won't be pretty succesful, sorry if I'm saying the truth...). Try to make a little project, or just simple tests, because from what I've seen in your movies, your clips are, SHORT as fuck, and I can't even understand them because they are trying to be funny. *sigh...* Just try to do something decent enough before planning A FUCKING 10 MINUTE ANIMATION AND ORGANIZING 2 COLLABS AT THE SAME TIME.... well, but as I know, you can't make a step backwards on this.

(Updated ) SapkyRides responds:

I fokin know :D But Things.... Leviathan.... and some real bussines. But yea thanks for information i think i will use your advice :) But i improved i mean alot since that shitty collab was did. But ye thanks and (Trying to be really original is pretty hard)